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Chia-Yi Tung reveals the secrets of a successful marketing strategy in China

The president and founder of Orchimedia, Chia-Yi Tung will be co-hosting a breakfast-workshop about successful marketing strategies in China, along with the Honorable Mr.Martin Cauchon from Gowlings and Mr.Christophe Hervier from Molson Coors Canada, on January 27th, 2012. The organiser of the workshop, Hong Kong Canada Business Association, is one of most important ties to promote Canada’s commercial relationship with Hong Kong and continental China.

For more information, please visit the webpage of HKCBA.

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6 strategic tips for China

Six pieces of advice that you must absolutely know in order to successfully sell your products in China

China, as the turntable of the new millennium economy, offers unequalled opportunities to Quebec entrepreneurs. Whether its raw materials, expertise in aeronautics, ICT, environment, construction and energy or for food products or luxury products, the Chinese are consuming more and are looking for imported products of a higher quality.

You know how to think in the long term and want to increase the visibility of your business, so it is time to reflect on whether your offer is relevant in the current Chinese context:

  • 1.3 billion Chinese people;
  • 800 million cell phones;
  • 500 million Internet users;
  • 1.2 million millionaires;
  • 20% annual growth in the luxury market.

In order to conquer China, here are some “assignments” that you must do to make your exportation profitable:

  1. Stop thinking of China as an emerging market while multinationals consider it to be the priority market. In 2010, purchases made in China were valued at 1,395 billion dollars compared to 1,935 billion for the United States. This second global economic power has immense needs to satisfy in order to support its growth.
  2. Conduct your strategy in China with a coherent approach. Exportation to China requires large and long-term investment, thus start with a market study, analyse your competitors, set your objectives and adapt your marketing methods accordingly.
  3. Identify where to sell in China knowing that this vast country is composed of several non-homogenous markets. Sell in large cities where the international competition is fierce or in medium-sized towns? There is a large difference in terms of purchasing behaviour and methods of distribution. Or sell on the internet? As the Chinese are buying in massive quantities online and as a third of the country’s mail is devoted to purchases made on TaoBao.
  4. “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Despite Mandarin Chinese being a difficult language to master, it is possible to study the cultural differences that we have with Chinese people, to understand their values and to RESPECT them. Throw away your prejudices, adapt and do not be imposing in terms of how you do business.
  5. Brand matters! Opt for a strong brand and strategic position and communicate your added value. The confidence line that you build with your clients propels your brand and the multiplying effect of word-of-mouth in a country where guanxi (networking and connections) is so important.
  6. Make yourself known using Baidu. In a new market, people do not have the same references as your existing clients. So how do they create a benchmark from which to measure the credibility of your offer? From the information they find on the net. For your SEO to succeed in China, it is better to identify the key words linked to your China strategy than to translate your existing website.

In brief, your winning recipe here may not necessarily be the most successful in China. It is up to you to adapt your ingredients to cook a creative and unforgettable dish!

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Chia-Yi Tung talks about international entrepreneurship at HEC Montreal

Invited by Jean-Paul David, professor of International Commerce course at HEC Montreal and president of the marketing consultant Mercadex International, Chia-Yi Tung, president of Orchimedia, was happy to meet a group of intelligent and ambitious students, and share her experiences as an immigrant entrepreneur.

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Orchimedia comes back to CBC with Dominique Poirier to talk about how to tap into Chinese Market!

The journalist Dominique Poirier invite our founding president Chia-Yi Tung to her radio show L’après-midi porte conseil, to discuss how Québec companies could tap into Chinese market.

For more information, please listen online!

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Chia-Yi Tung talks about Quebec-China commercial exchanges for Radio Canada International

China’s economic success has not only been attracting many entrepreneurs around the world, but also influencing global commercial exchanges. Here in Québec, even though we talk about China since several years ago, many Quebec entrepreneurs still ignore the legal and cultural frames, or copyright implications in China.

For more information, please visite Radio Canada International’s website: http://www.rcinet.ca/chinese/program/voice_from_the_north/home/

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Bombardier’s longstanding relationship with China

Orchimedia was chosen again to welcome the Chinese delegation (strategic partner) to visit Bombardier Inc. in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Crédit photo: http://bit.ly/ifnFl7

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